Friday, June 2, 2023

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What Is The Best Time To Start For Fitness?

“In order not to adversely affect the development of young people, it is not appropriate for them to do fitness before the age of 14-15. Building a good-looking body does not happen in a short time, first of all, young people need to know this. It is necessary to train patiently and to have a balanced and regular diet. Nutrition is the most important factor in achieving results. Nutrition accounts for 70% of the event.

A good training program and proper nutrition will help you achieve results. Certain tests need to be done before a program is written or training begins. As a result of these tests, a training plan and program should be created taking into account the physical fitness of the person. Before writing a program, fitness trainers need to do fitness, flexibility, strength, fat-muscle ratio tests, and most importantly, analyze the person’s posture. After all these procedures are applied, the training program of the person is written and the program is renewed by repeating the tests at certain times.

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