Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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What Happens When London Street Style Meets Italian Luxury Clothing?

We will be able to learn the answer to this question through a new collaboration with the Italian fashion giant Gucci and the UK-based streetwear brand Palace. This collaboration, which we have not seen many examples of, is defined as a blend of Italian fashion and British skating culture. Launched with the aspirations of Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele and the Palace founders to swim in different waters, the campaign aims to create fashion without hierarchy by offering a free and democratic approach, combining the heritage of both brands to create something new.

Announced with a commercial, the collaboration aims to combine the heritage of both brands to create something new, offering a free and democratic approach to create fashion without hierarchy. Details from the collections of both brands. It was announced that the main source of inspiration in this special collaboration created by the coming together of the people is the streets where “fashion comes alive”. A first for streetwear brand Palace, this collaboration features a brand new logo, a combination of Gucci’s double G and Palace’s triangular logo. In the collection, we can see both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, especially sweatshirts, hoodies and sports bags with the common logo stamped.

The Palucci (an acronym suggested by Highsnobiety Style Writer Tayler Willson for this collaboration) collection will be available soon at Gucci and Palace outlets. It was also announced that the collection will take place on the Gucci Vault platform, which also includes Gucci’s capsule collections.

In the meantime, let those who are curious about the details of the collaboration and the prominent pieces of the collection watch the commercial film signed by Max Siedentopf, one of the names Gucci has worked with before.

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