Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Three New Features From Tiktok!

The popular video sharing site TikTok continues to announce its new features. The platform offered its users new features such as photo editing, increasing the character limit and TikTok Shop.


TikTok, whose popularity is increasing day by day, continues to improve the experience of its users.

The Chinese-based application has announced its new photo editing feature to its users. Users will now be able to create a photo gallery of up to 35 frames in their content on the application.

With the new update, music can be added to the photo gallery and it will change synchronously with the music if there is no manual intervention. In addition, users will be able to browse the photos in the gallery by swiping left.


Along with photo editing, TikTok also announced its new feature. TikTok, which has a 300 character limit, will now allow users to add text up to 2200 characters with its new update. The character limit has become equal to another popular photo, video platform Instagram after this update. With this feature, the in-app algorithm is expected to be updated.


TikTok has not only been included in these innovations, but also in the shopping industry. The application offers a service called TikTok Shop to influencers and brands that want to sell their own products. Users will be able to purchase products through the TikTok Shop.mThis feature, which was introduced in the UK a while ago, has started to spread in regions such as the USA and Canada.

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