Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Lady Gaga In Trouble With Her Obsessive Fan

Police were called to the famous singer’s house in Malibu due to the suspicious person wandering around Lady Gaga’s house. It turned out that the person who said he wanted to give flowers to Gaga was the one who tried to enter the singer’s house to give a gift before.

US singer and actress Lady Gaga is in trouble with an obsessive fan. A person has been identified trying to break into Gaga’s home in Malibu. The police were called to the house by Lady Gaga’s bodyguards because of the person wandering around the house. It was learned that the famous singer was at home at the time of the incident.

When the police arrived at the house, it was learned that Lady Gaga’s bodyguards neutralized the man, saying that the man was there to give flowers to the famous singer. The unnamed person was not arrested.

They Did Not Encounter Each Other

It was learned that Lady Gaga was inside the house and safe at the time of the incident. It was stated that Lady Gaga and the person who tried to break into her home did not encounter each other.

He Has Tried To Enter Home Before

This wasn’t the first time the same person had attempted to break into Lady Gaga’s home. The bodyguard of the famous singer said that the same person had come to Lady Gaga’s house before to give small gifts.

Lady Gaga has been in trouble before with a crime story. In 2021, five people were arrested after Gaga’s dog sitter Ryan Fischer was shot in the chest and his dog was stolen. The person who was found to have committed the attack was sentenced to 21 years in prison. Fischer later pardoned the attacker.

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